For many years on the second Friday of October YMCA of the Netherlands has organized the Tri-axY game for the age groups 8-12, 12-16 years and 16 years and older. In 2013 an extra category “old and young” was introduced where older people and young people/children compete together. This represents a good opportunity for groups to interact and compete with the church congregation. Through this game we offer you an evening with interaction between old and young in your municipality. Of course, the old familiar age categories are still available.

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For registrations and / or more information, please contact Karin Klunder, [email protected] or 0342-452017 (option1 in the menu).
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What are the rules?

Tri-axY will be played at your own location on the evening of the second Friday in October from 19 / 20-22 hours. You will be sent a completely sealed game package. On the same evening, all the various groups play the game in the previously mentioned categories. Each group plays at their own location.

Tri-axY consists of three components: you will be asked to complete various assignments (10 minutes) on location, a fund raising campaign for an international YMCA project and a ‘pick-up order’. The fund raising part can be played on the evening itself or you can decide to do it at a better time for your group, for example at a church service. For the ‘pick order’, two members of the group are appointed to carry out the assignment. In addition, they need the help from the group members in the form of clues.

Every year there is a theme that is revealed when the envelope is opened on the evening of the game. To play the game, depending on the size of the group, you need at least 1 game leader and an independent jury member (for example, the chairman of the church board, minister, organist).
The costs for the game package is:
YMCA groups € 13.50
Non-YMCA groups: € 25.00
Other costs for this evening are minimal. Usually some material is needed in the form of paper, pen and dice. For the sales order you will be asked to buy a starting item for each group (usually consisting of two people).