YMCA works all over the world in over 120 countries with childeren and young people. At local departments of our foreign partner YMCA’s Dutch students can do their internships. Sports, games, therapy and education are the most common activities.

The internships are possible at the YMCA’s of Sorocaba (Brazil), Lima (Peru) and Valparaìso (Chili). These are internships for 3th and 4th year students Social Works (SPH, MWD, Pedagogiek) en Sports (Teaching, PMT). These are safe internships, you work on HBO-level, you get excellent guidance and we can arrange housing.

When you do your internship at YMCA you can always rely on help from YMCA The Netherlands. When we send you abroad, we want to support you. You’ll get a basic course which all trainees must follow. You leave with a safe feeling and you’ll be able to develop yourself during your internship.

Knowlegde transfer is a main target for your foreign internship. As trainee you must use your background as starting profesional but also learn from other cultures and how they empower young people and children.

Do you want to do your internship at YMCA? Contact us!

Watch the video of Psychomotoric Therapy students Matthijs and Liesbeth in Brazil: