YMCA Jongerenreizen (Youth Travel) organizes foreign trips for young people between the ages of 15 and 25. These trips are organized by a working group, which deals with the design and development of trips, the recruitment of participants and staff members, the organization of training courses, the maintenance of contacts with local YMCAs and the purchase and maintenance of material.

What makes the trips so special?

At the YMCA youth trips you travel with small groups (minimum 6 and maximum 15 participants) by public transport through Europe. Two or three trained staff members accompany each trip. Together with the participants they make it an unforgettable holiday. But that is not all. Travelling with YMCA youth trips offers something extra: contact with young people from the YMCAs in the countries where we go. In this way you really get to know a country and make friends outside the Netherlands.
Where possible, we also sleep at a local YMCA in the country of destination. The rest of the trip we stay in simple accommodations such as hostels or campsites. You bring all you need in a backpack and have a real adventure!

Sounds exciting, can I join the adventure?

If you are between 15 and 25 years old, you certainly can! We organize trips in the age groups 15 – 17 years and 18-25 years. Visit www.ymcajongerenreizen.nl and discover the destinations!


• Travelling in small groups
• Low budget and all-inclusive
• Influence on the route of the trip
• Contact with local youth from the YMCA
• Voluntary, well-trained staff members
• Make new friends
• Come alone or together with a friend
• Get to know your travel party beforehand!

Are you experienced with guiding groups or organize travels? Register here as a voluntary travel companion here.