The YMCA Netherlands Association is formed by its members. As a personal member you participate in policy development. The Members Congress is the highest body within the association.

It meets at least once a year and checks the central management. By being a member, you also show that you are care about the organization. It’s the easiest and clearest way to express your support. Together, members form the constituency of the YMCA.
The more members, the more YMCA activities!

As a member, you support activities that challenge young people to develop themselves and this involves:

  • Youth work in more than two hundred fifty places throughout the Netherlands;
  • holidays for vulnerable children and adolescents aged 6-19, including children from children’s homes, less fortunate families, single-parent families and refugee families;
  • awareness building, training and support of many volunteers;
  • Activities at YMCA locations spread across the country;
  • YMCA (refugees) projects in many developing countries;
  • the development of innovative projects in all the above areas
    and much more…

Membership benefits

As a personal member you receive:

  • Twice a year a magazine: Inclusief
  • Several times a year the digital newsletter @clusief
  • Discount on suitcase games with ready-made program material
  • Discount on the practical booklets from the triangle series
  • Discount on YMCA sports and game activities
  • Discount on YMCA Youth Travel
  • Discount on courses and trainings

Sign up as a personal member

Club management, camp staff, instructors, trainers, vacationers, parents and other interested parties can easily become a personal member via the application form. The contribution is € 25,00 per year.

Group membership

Affiliated local organizations and individual club members are eligible for these and other benefits through payment of the annual membership fee. For more information and register as a group, visit the YMCA Youthwork website (Dutch only).