The name YMCA

YMCA is the abbreviation of Young Men’s Christian Association. It is a global organization where everyone is welcome, regardless of origin, background or philosophy of life.


YMCA Nederland offers a place for young people where they feel at home and can develop. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of employees and volunteers, we provide each target group with a fun time. Laughing together, discovering talents and learning to cooperate is the core idea of our organization. In this way, the YMCA wants to contribute to a society in which there is space and attention for everyone.


YMCA works according to the red triangle, which stands for body, mind and spirit. Thereby we start from the norms and values that are derived from the gospel. YMCA stands for transparency and wants to talk to everyone about what moves him or her. If you just get moving, if you go for it. With this we want to offer young people support and stimulate personal development.


Volunteers play a major role in the YMCA. Virtually all activities for young peope are conceived and executes by volunteers.