Matthias Ouwejan has been a change agent for YMCA of the Netherlands in the World Alliance of YMCAs (WAY) since 1st of April 2017. The WAY offers young people from different countries around the world the opportunity to develop through international training and through a project that really makes a difference at their own YMCA or at an international level.The worldwide Change Agent Program has been set up for young people to make a difference through the so-called “Change Model”: space, transformation, impact.
At the first training session in Avignon France, we had to memorize the steps by heart to make the Change Model work: be the change, communicate the vision, inspire action.
Nice words but the program is about making a REAL difference. By these international exchanges you learn a lot about foreign projects that can inspire you to see possibilities where you can make a difference in The Netherlands.

In Avignon we first received handles in the field of leadership, storytelling and creativity. All trainings (also online in an e-learning environment) and exchanges combined together with good coaching are stepping stones to help make a project a success. Subsequent training will follow to support you in what you do and also help with networking with other change agents as part of the program.
Matthias is open to all possibilities and wants to seize this opportunity to make the organisation better and to increase the impact of the contribution to society. Worldwide there are 250 Change Agents taking part in the program.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact Matthias.