The worldwide network of YMCA’s regularly organizes exchanges, training courses and international projects. YMCA of the Netherlands is affiliated as a co-organizer, partner or participating organization.
When you join a training, or project individually or with a group, the costs are largely covered by YMCA of the Netherlands. In some cases you only have to pay (part of) your air ticket or travel costs. The funding comes from the Erasmus + fund or grants from YMCA Europe and the World Alliance or YMCAs.


Personal leadership, communication skills or knowledge about leading a summer camp are just a small selection of the skills that you can learn by joining an international training. Participating in these multi-day workshops held in another country has the advantage that you see the training programmes in an international context. You will experience different cultures and see different parts of the world. An international training can take 3 to 7 days and you usually go alone or with 1-3 other Dutch participants.
In addition to the short training sessions, there is also a longer training program that is organized by the World Alliance of YMCA’s. To participate in this you must be selected by YMCA of the Netherlands. Matthias Ouwejan is currently following this training. Are you interested and want to know more? Check out the Change Agent page.


In an international exchange, learning from each other is central. The participants from different countries exchange skills and knowledge, for example about digital communication, photography or setting up a YMCA group. Intercultural communication is something you learn because of this. An exchange takes 2 to 10 days and you usually travel with a group of Dutch participants (3-10 people).


Would you prefer an exchange with your YMCA club? With a local-2-local collaboration you enter into a long-term partnership with another local YMCA abroad. Together you decide how you want to interact in the coming years, for example going on summer camp, exchanges with certain age groups or meetings with volunteers / youth workers. Children and young people will make international friendships for life!

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